At Accolade Flight School, we’re all for delivering the best assured flight training in the sky. We know that a pilot doesn’t work from 9 to 5. We also know that every second that passes, without being surrounded by sky gets you a little closer to insanity, which is why our services will get you up and going, with the highest standards in aviation.

At Accolade, you can start with your Private Pilots License and continue right through to become a qualified Commercial Pilot. We offer Night Ratings and Type Ratings on specific aircraft. Besides all of this we also provide ground school for Private Pilots theory and Commercial License Theory.

To most people, the sky is the limit. To those who love aviation, the sky is home.

The motivation behind Accolade Flight School

The problem:

As we spent some time having fun in aviation, we soon realized that there are a few things missing in the industry.

The first concern was the lack of a support system for new freshly-trained pilots entering the world of aviation. Another concern was the fact that these pilots were clueless as to how aviation works and found themselves simply being pushed through the system and given a number on their price tag. There was no one to give advice on making big career decisions. The last concern was the fact that most of them were being trained in a system with under experienced pilots, who couldn’t bring anything new to the trainee’s perspective of the whole aviation arena.

The solution:

We’ve committed ourselves to implementing the “Godfather Principle” in our flight school. This involves appointing a dedicated person to every new pilot. This person is accountable for the new pilot from the start of his/her career until he/she completes their training. We also pride ourselves on a high quality training environment, with highly qualified instructors.

The motivation behind Accolade Flight School