About us

At Accolade, we know that happy clients
are the best marketers, so we strive to deliver the best service to our clients every day. Aviation is a small community where negativity travels faster than the speed of light we endeavour to treat all our clients with professionalism and integrity. We don’t dwell on mistakes and solve problems quickly by identifying the steps that we need to take.

Accolade Flight School  allows any client to receive not only top quality flight training for a professional pilot, but also the relaxation and pleasure if flying recreation-ally. We have a committed team of professionals with various fields of experience to allow you to benefit in every possible way


Dedicated training environment

We are a business that has nothing else at heart than to teach you, the client to become a safe and successful aviator. Our facility is purely for the use of training and we do not involve ourselves in any other facet of aviation which could be distracting to our clients (maintenance, charter etc.) You will be assigned your own full time instructor who will under the supervision of the Chief Flight Instructor insure that you receive the best possible training. Our goal is not only to develop safe dedicated professional, but also to maximize the advantage of flying recreation-ally.

Cost saving

By simply comparing quotes might not give you the bigger picture of what you are actually receiving, allow us to explain. What are the chances of exceeding your budget at Accolade Flight School when:

  •  the training area is less than 3min away not wasting any flying time commuting
  • you benefit from flying with your own designated instructor
  •  you have a comprehensive ground support system
  • your progress is regularly checked by the Chief Flying Instructor


Aero Park is situated in Gauteng, South Africa and a mere 20min drive from Pretoria. The area has a mild climate with spiking maximum & minimum temperatures which allows for good training exposure. A 20min drive will place you in the heart of Pretoria to access anything from banks, entertainment and city amenities. The airfield is also ideally located for training


The training center is situated at Aero Park Airfield on the outskirts of Pretoria East. We have classrooms, briefing rooms and a dispatch facility adjacent to the aircraft hangars. Our fleet consists of Cessna and a Tecnam, however we also have advanced training aircraft on a standby basis should we need it. Aero Park Airfield has:

  •  a Tar runway
  •  Night flying facilities
  •  Easy access to controlled airspace


Our accommodation facility is located on the airfield itself which allows unlimited exposure to aviation.


Full time training

Full time training courses have proved to achieve more effective results in all of it forms than most degrees at university. With Accolade’s isolated location you can concentrate on full time flying without any other distractions of the modern lifestyle.