A few things you should know after you have decided to become a pilot:


    A easy route is to do your Instructor's Rating after you’ve received your CPL and then start your career as an Instructor.

    Then there is the option of getting yourself a small type aircraft license and then apply for a position at companies operating outside South-Africa.

    You could also do Contract work, but be warned that this is a difficult lifestyle, but a awesome adventure. You're often sent up into Africa, where you fly for a South Africa based company, operating for the UN, WFP or Red Cross.

    As you progress in the aviation industry, gaining experience and increasing your total flying hours, many more options open up and you are free to choose your next step in aviators’ paradise.

    If you are the type of guy that enjoys a fixed schedule, airlines is a good call for you.

    Another career option is corporate work. The money is good, but you are on flight watch almost 24/7 for your next flight and you never know where your next stop will be, which makes this a great pleasure if you end up in some fancy place, can end up being a big adventure.

    Summary : Flying brings enormous excitement in a Pilots life. 

    If I could choose, I will do it all over again..... :-)