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        ?Service Tel:800 828 7300,400 887 9200

        About Us

        About Us

        Ming Hui is a chemical corporation specialized in wide range of colorants for ink, paint and plastic industry, professionally possessing flow with strong R&D, comprehensive manufacturing capabilities and much experienced sales team. 
        Ming Hui headquater located in WuXi, covers over 65,

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        Latest News

        【Wuxi Ming Hui International Trading Co., Ltd.】Notice

        【Wuxi Ming Hui International Trading Co., Ltd.】Notice

        2020 has already started, the Chinese New Year is coming soon! Thank you for your continued trust and support, We will continue to provide you with quality products and services!...



        China Coat 2019

        ? 2019.11.18-20, 歡迎蒞臨中國國際涂料展(上海)攤位號: E5,D67 WELCOME TO VISIT CHINACOAT 2019 IN SHANGHAI HALL E5,D67 非常感謝您對我們公司長期以來的大力支持,值此CHINACOAT2019到來之際,我們...



        Adapt to cultural change roles - recruits new staff training

        July 9 to 14, Division I recruits 25 new employees to expand training and orientation training. Orientation in our conference room, training includes: safety education, Company, career planning, regulations, product and market, production c...

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